Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fighting that Lonely Feeling

Unless a nurse is traveling with a spouse/partner or friend, moments of loneliness on the road are inevitable. In general, I enjoy solitude, and I need to have time alone to recharge, especially after the constant interaction that is being a floor nurse. Still, I'm human, and I like to socialize. Fellow travelers can be a lot of fun to hang out with; on both my last contract in Seattle and during my time in LA, I met other cool travel nurses who were great companions with whom to explore, hike, or just grab a beer.

This time in Seattle, though, I've been hired before the wave of travelers that will come in during the summer months. I didn't need to attend an orientation, because it's been less than a year since I left the same hospital, so I didn't meet any new travelers that way. The three RNs I hung out with the most last summer in Seattle are all on different assignments currently (in Alaska, Delaware, and Florida, respectively). The other nurses on my floor are very welcoming, and they have included me in group outings, but they have their own permanent lives here and aren't necessarily looking to form a friendship with me.

One resource that's worked for me is It has groups for so many interests: book clubs, running, hiking, wine tasting, singles, volunteering, and anything else you can imagine. So far I've found running buddies using the site, and it's helped stave off the feeling of isolation that can hit any one of us.

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