Friday, May 17, 2013

Can You Commit?

You might say I have a problem with commitment. In fact, you could say it right out to my face, and I wouldn't really be able to take offense (just then I wanted to type "offence;" I've been reading a novel by a British author, and I guess I can't even commit to UK or US English).

I don't own a house, I'm not married, and I don't have children. Whenever I start a sentence with one of those statements, whether I'm talking to another person or just thinking to myself, I'm quick to add "yet!" As in, "I don't own a house yet," etc. But let's be real. I have a problem with commitment, and that "yet" may not have any place in a sentence about my future.

That's part of the reason why I'm travel nursing, right? Because even though the cons of being a travel nurse can be a pain --no PTO, not much say over my weekly schedule, currently working nights when I prefer days--the big pro is: no commitment. I'm committed to the terms of my contract, and that's it. If I don't schedule myself to be on assignment during a certain holiday, I don't "owe" my unit working it or any other holiday. I'm not on a hierarchy to determine when I get vacation; I can take an unpaid vacation between assignments, or not at all. I'm not stuck in any one city.

Well, I'm not stuck in any one city due to job responsibilities, that is. But I've given my word that I'll come back to the Hoosier state when this job is done. And I'm looking forward to it. My old unit will likely be happy to have me back, if I so choose. Still...hmm. It's hard to commit to a permanent job again. I keep dragging my feet on sending that email to my old manager, confirming that I'll be back for sure. Because once I do, and once they offer me a job if one is open, I'll be in the position of making a commitment. And I don't relish that.

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