Thursday, May 9, 2013

Back in the Emerald City

It's a been a while since I've posted. No excuses, just trying to survive LA.

I hung in there for my entire 13-week assignment. It was rough, a lot of the time. I never really did get the hang of the disparate paper-and-three-separate-computer-programs charting/MD orders. The support systems of the hospital were not as I would have liked, due in part, I think, to their being understaffed and overworked. And while the beach and the weather and my apartment and some of the other (travel and permanent) RNs I worked with rocked, overall, life in LA wasn't for me. Tough three months. 

When a former co-worker from my Seattle hospital called while I was still on my assignment in LA and told me she thought they'd have a need for me due to some upcoming maternity leaves and RNs leaving, I called both the unit manager and my travel company. At the same time, I asked my recruiters to continue submitting my application to other hospitals, including a teaching hospital near San Francisco where I've really been wanting to take a contract. The Nor Cal teaching facility called me back the day after I accepted the offer from the Seattle hospital. Bummer, sure, but it's great to be back at a great facility, working with professional, hard-working, pleasant staff and up-to-date computer systems. And I love Seattle. If it weren't for home obligations, I would definitely think about making a permanent move here. 

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