Thursday, June 13, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

Travel nursing has been a cool way for me to try out new cities, meet new people, and become less rigid in my work life and personal life. Always moving and never really feeling settled isn't the life for me, though. I'm ready to take a "permanent" (hey, it doesn't come with a ball and chain, you know) job, at least for a while. But where? I love the city of Seattle, and I have a great job here. My unit has openings. What's the catch?

My boyfriend and my family, to whom I am close, live in Indianapolis. My job there was okay. The jobs and insurance are better on the West Coast, at least in general. And Indianapolis has plenty to do, but no mountains, no Puget Sound, no constant grunge band vibe.

I'm ready to feel rooted again, but where?

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